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The Necromancer

The Tale of the Black Forestpage title
Founded on Facts

The Necromancer consists of a series of interconnected stories, all centering on the enigmatic figure of Volkert the Necromancer. Filled with murder, ghosts, and dark magic, and featuring a delirious and dizzying plot that almost defies comprehension, The Necromancer is one of the strangest horror novels ever written.

One of the earliest Gothic bestsellers, The Necromancer was first published in 1794, and after more than two centuries still retains the power to thrill and fascinate readers.

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Charing Cross is a junction in London, England, where six routes meet.
A retired police inspector on vacation dies suddenly on a train, it sets in motion a whole tangle of intrigue and mystery.
If you like mystery and suspense, you will love this classic story.

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New France and New England

From The historical writings by John Fiske, in twelve volumes, here is the Volume IX, New France and New England, divided into 10 chapters:
1- From Cartier to Champlain
2- The Beginnings of Quebec
3- Lords of Acadia
4- Wilderness and Empire
5- Witchcraft of Salem
6- The Great Awakening
7- Norridgewock and Louisburg
8- Beginnings of the Great War
9- Crown Point, Fort William Henry, and Ticonderoga
10- Louisburg, Fort Duquesne, and the Fall of Quebec
You will learn a lot of information about different periods of history. You will like it, for sure!
Mr John Fiske was a great historian. Here is a series that you could appreciate.

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The Chinese Parrot

Charlie Chan Mystery 2


Master detective Charlie Chan had to find the answer to a question, a question posed by a dead parrot who spoke in Chinese.

He embarks on a journey across the desert fo find it. He has to go incognito.
What happens? You’ll discover it.

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The Collection SWEATER is here!

Different styles for you!


The Woman Who Did


Written by a man, it is the story of a woman who had principles that women must be equal to men. But it didn’t fit in this society at this time. Will elsewhere than London fit with her idea?

She wants the evolution of humanity and always makes her decisions in that direction. View what happened to her, you’ll be surprised!

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Collection COAT for all seasons!

Hard to find but you will like these beautiful cover up!

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Episodes in the Life of the Illustrious Colonel Clay

His name is Colonel Clay or Monsieur Caoutchouc because he can transform himself in many different personages. A master of disguise. How he can make it?

The millionnaire Sir Charles VanDrift had to recognize and catch him before this guy takes all his fortune. Will he find him? Is it too late?

Through Africa, Europe, and America, it is not easy to discover the truth. Follow these episodes in the life of the illustrious Colonel Clay, you will like this.

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The Deaves Affair


A millionnaire family is attacked by a blackmailer.
They will be ruined if he always succeeds.
Evan is engaged to protect the old man from the crowd and from their blunders.
But he had to play the role of a detective to help this family to discover the mystery in this affair.
Will he succeed? Discover what happens!

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Collection UTILITY

The Collection UTILITY will let you find things that are useful and very difficult to find.
We are searching a lot to find them.
We hope that it will also useful for you! Check it! It’s here!




The Fur Bringers

A Story of the Canadian Northwest

by Hulbert Footner

A pioneer, a fur bringer, falls in love whith a girl that he never met.
Will she want him? And his father?
Accused by liars, then prisoner of the Indians. Why and how will he escape from them?
Which of these guys are his friend?
Follow this adventure that you will like!

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The Men of the Last Frontier


In 1931 Grey Owl published his first book, The Men of the Last Frontier, a work that is part memoir, part history of the vanishing wilderness in Canada, and part compendium of animal and First Nations tales and lore.

A passionate, compelling appeal for the protection and preservation of the natural environment pervades Grey Owl’s words and makes his literary debut still ring with great relevance in the 21st century.

By the 1920s, Canadas outposts of adventure had been thrust farther and farther north to the remote margins of the country. Lumbermen, miners, and trappers invaded the primeval forests, seizing on natures wealth with soulless efficiency.

Grey Owl himself fled before the assault as he witnessed his valleys polluted with sawmills, his hills dug up for hidden treasure, and wildlife, particularly his beloved beavers, exterminated for quick fortunes.

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The Almost Perfect Murder


A Case Book of Mme. Storey

Mme. Storey is perhaps the most celebrated woman detective in fiction. Her detective ability is aided to some extent by feminine intuition, but she achieves results, amazingly successful results, for the problems here elucidated certainly proved baffling enough to the police.
This volume provides thrilling fare for all readers of detective stories, and Mr. Hulbert Footner writes with his customary verve and ingenuity, letting Mme. Storey’s secretary speaks about the events.
Five different stories that you will like.

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An Alien came in England to find and analyze taboos in this country.

He had to take extreme caution necessary in all anthropologue investigations on points of religious or social usage.

You will like his points of vue and his reactions in many circumstances.

Very special!

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Jack Chanty by Hulbert Footner



Jack Chanty had to guide an expedition through North and different camps (Sapi Indians, Camp Trangmar, up to fort Sheever and on). Who had robbed the Bank of Canada, Montreal?

Adventures and romance are waiting for you!

Have a good read!

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by Hulbert Footner


A young woman disappeared the day that she had supposed to marry her love.

Where are she? What happened?

Lee, one of her friend, is detective and will search for all this entangled affair.

Bad news and great mystery are waiting for him and for you.

Mr Footner is a great writer and you will appreciated him, for sure!


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Some videos

Own a CAT?      A DOG?

Back 2 School no 3      Back 2 School no 2      Back to School

Rules of Success 5: Elon Musk

Rules of Success 4: Donald Trump, Bill Gates

Rules of Success 3: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs

Rules of Success 2: Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama

Rules of Success 1: Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama

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Hulbert Footner, video

Hulbert Footner, the author, let’s talk the personal assistant of Mme. Storey to present her investigations. This one is the best private detective of England, but her stories are international. Her way to resolve the mystery is original and bring you in a new world.

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The Giant Atom  

Only Steve Bennion, inventive genius, and his lovely assistant, Kitty, stand between the earth and destruction when a flaming monster threatens to devour and destroy civilization!

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Some Videos

Spinner Art       Learn French       Nail Art Compilation     Art Exhibit

Your Art Style      Hand Art Illusion     3D Drawing Art

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For Pant and Shorts, it’s here




Gipsy’s Story

First published as « Sharing her crime ».

A strange and rebel girl has many adventures.

Follow her on them. You will like this book!

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Do you love elephants? It’s here!



Murder at Monte Carlo

From the Mystery Library, this book relates the adventures of a man who doesn’t agree with the police’s reports. The murderer has confessed, consequently, the mystery is solved. He decided to find by himself the real murder.View what happened!

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The Actress’s Daughter by M.A. Fleming


A young girl with bad-tempered has many adventures in her life. From school to marriage to honour, etc. Follow her in her special life with ups and downs, you will like it!


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The Tragedy of the Sioux


After the death of Crazy Horse in 1877 abrupt changes came for the Sioux of this tribe.

The Sioux were succumbing to the trickery of the whites and the undermining of their own tribal morale.

Perhaps their thanks for their unsweving loyalty and patriotism during World War of 1917-1918, they suffered from cold and insufficient food in their new reserve.

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Collection of LED lights

Many health problems may occur when the lights over your head were not adequate.

View this short video here! And come back!


The Story of Edith Percival

The adventures of these individuals nice or not will captive you until the end.
Ocean, war for the United States or for England, prisoners before marriage, captured by savages, mystic character, families’ arguments, etc. are some themes that you will like.
A nice journey for you!

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Transform Yourself to HEAL

Click here to view Talking Avatar for the resume

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Madame Storey challenges a great criminal and great lover to a duel to the death!
Follow them on their adventures!

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WORMS OF THE EARTH (Illustrated)  
A Short Story
Robert E. Howard

A famous fantastic mysteries which will captive you, for sure! Sulla is a Legio XIII gladiator.
Now on the form of worms, these guys continue the battle since first century AD.
You will like this fabulous story!

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VULMEA The Pirate

vulmeathepirateffAfter being captured, the pirate told about a mysterious treasure. The captain of the Majesty’s frigate decided to look for it.

Follow their dangerous adventure. You will be astonishing!
Published first as Black Vulmea’s Vengeance.

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Pigeons from Hell

A story of a vampire. Fear, phantom, battle, abandoned house, horror, are the theme of this short, strange and mysterious story. Will you like it?

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The Inevitable Millionaires


The prince of storytellers, Oppenheim, in this funny satire, The Inevitable Millionaires, offers us a story that has already been used:
Two brothers inherit a London business, then become a millionaire with a social responsibility to spend considerable sums.

They have to learn how. Consequently, how will they make it? It seems to be very difficult… You will like it!

Oppenheim wrote 116 novels, mainly of the suspense and international intrigue type, but including romances, comedies, and parables of everyday life, and 39 volumes of short stories. This one is among the favorites of many.

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The Under Dogs With Mme. Storey



In this mystery novel, the author tells of the amazing detective skill of Rosika Storey alias Jessie Seipp, in the opinion of the New York police, the cleverest woman in the world.

He tells how she wove the net which was to snare the greatest crook organisation in America. She faced infinite peril and hardship, and the greatest demands were made upon her courage and her brains.

You will be captivated all through the book. She is a fascinating character, and the book reveals a vast knowledge of New York’s underworld.

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Color His Own World

Yes, color his own world with colored pencils. So much agreeable.

Recently, I take out again my colored pencils, after 50 years. And you know what? The same odor of wood than before. Intact in their metal box.crayonscoulf

So nice souvenirs are linked to this period. I spent many hours to put color in my coloring books. Now, I found some of this pen very short after all these happy hours. It was just before I take an interest in the boys (this is another story 🙂 )

My favorite hobby, like small cars for boys. Then, suddenly, we are ready for other life experiences…

Today, adult coloring, with quality pencils regain their place. A manner to de-stress and relax. I can’t resist to it, for 15 minutes a day. It is a break for me and I appreciate it.

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What is Your Style for Pants?

When I was a little girl, my father had a general store in a small village.
He sold overalls, nails and hammer, gifts, potatoes, bread, cans of soup, etc.
He always said something like this:
Even though six different companies offer a can of peas, you’ll need only one to sell : the best one at the better price.
It is what I am doing in researching and offering these products.
Take a look at these pants!


Our collection of T-Shirts

We want to present to you our choice of nice Tshirts and Sweaters for all the family.

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Wearing a cap?

Here are the images of the pub wich is made on Pinterest and on Facebook for the eCommerce httpS://ecolo-luca.com.

The goal of ecolo.luca is to search and find the best quality products at the best price. Many categories are offered. Here is the collection Cap : https://ecolo-luca.com/collections/cap

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Trip at Sainte-Flavie, QC



My Renovations


Visit our New Store:


The theme is on Elephant. Many things like Clothing, Phone Cases, and Ecologic LED lights. Better products at best prices. Some of our products are free + S/H (fees of shipping and handling).


New products within the niche Ecolo-lumen for luca’s products

The company luca’s products wants to announce their new release within their new niche: luca’s Ecolo-lumen. Because all of our energy saving lights are toxics, the company decided to offer ecologic lights without mercury or UV radiation.

The new generation COB LED ( Chips On Board Luminescent Electro Diode) lights are safe, energy saving consumption (up to 92% less than incandescent and 70% less energy than halogen lamps). We can add to this that they are more bright and softer for the eyes.

The company’s choice goes for the nicer lamp color: natural or neutral light (4000-4500K). Not yellow, like incandescent, nor blue, like fluorescent but the in-between.

They begin with COB LED spots to replace halogen lamps. They are equivalent to 60w and 100w incandescent light with the same fixture base GU10 than halogen. They are called 6w and 9w which represent the same luminosity with energy real saving, without any risk for health.

They are available on Amazon.ca.

You will have them for a very long time… Make the right choice !


6WEcolo-lumen GU10F   9wEcolo-lumen GU10F

6w on Amazon.ca

9w on Amazon.ca

Out of stock


Our LED spots 12w dimmable are now available in USA and CanadaLED 12W sizeF50

The company luca’s products wants to announce that their spotlights Ecolo-lumen are now available on Amazon, US and Canada. These eco-friendly lights are 90% more energy saving than incandescent lamps and 75% than halogen lamps. Imagine, 12w instead of 75 or 100w. Goods for more than 30000 hours, a very long life.

They don’t contain mercury nor harmful UV rays. View post: The Lamp of the Future.

Their color are natural, neutral and not harmful for your eyes. 4500°K, the best and nicer one! And dimmable.

They are bright white, not yellow like incandescents (2700-3000°K) and not cold blue like fluorescents (5000-6000°K).

There is a promotional code that gives you 15$ off during the launch period (in US only). The first 10 persons can obtain this coupon code in letting their mail here on the right side of our website.

Canada: http://www.amazon.ca/Spotlights-Ecolo-lumen-Quality-Brillant-Dimmable/dp/B01AMFJML0

USA: http://www.amazon.com/Spotlights-Ecolo-lumen-Quality-Brillant-Dimmable/dp/B01ARE7WSG



Vocabulary as Amazon Seller  VocabularyAsAmazonSeller

It is never too late to learn something new. When you want to understand a new subject, you have to begin with the vocabulary. It has been my case as Amazon Seller. Here are some expressions that I had to find their signification:

Il n’est jamais trop tard pour apprendre quelque chose de nouveau. Lorsque vous voulez comprendre un nouveau sujet, vous devez commencer par le vocabulaire. Cela a été mon cas en tant que vendeur sur Amazon. Voici quelques expressions qu’il me fallait trouver la signification :

FOB = Free On Board
FBA = Fulfillment By Amazon
Amazon FBA’s Warehouses = Where you send items
ASIN = Amazon Standard Identification Number 12 digits

Click here for the following information


The Lamp of the Future

You love light, from the sun or other sources such as lamps. Light is part of life. Without light, you are blinLED12wE27F70d. When the sun goes down, all of us need illumination in our homes; it is not only useful but necessary, a basic need.

luca’s Ecolo-lumen quality LED lights are environmentally-friendly. The neutral color is better for your health in general and for your eyes. The LED bulbs are also good on your wallet. The lamp of the future, the better choice!

1. Energy saving

luca’s Ecolo-lumen quality LED lights will save on your energy bill. To save energy and money, many of us replaced our old incandescent light bulbs with the new generation “energy-saving light bulbs”. A continuous flood of publicity told us that the “energy-saving bulbs” would last 8 times as long as the incandescent lamps and would consume 1/5 of the energy. This is not true. This “energy-saving light bulbs” don’t last much longer than the old incandescent ones.

2. Value for money

Continue to read here

Here are our first products:

Our Smiley iPhone 6s Case:

You can buy it on Amazon.com here

You can view the presentation directly on YouTube

The description is here or

you can see some reviews here



A quality case for a precious investment, surely convenient.

It is a second experience for the company luca’s products

as Amazon Seller USA, after editing many ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

You can buy it on Amazon.com here



Our first Luxury iPhone 6 Cases:

luca’s presents the New iPhone 6 Stand Wallet Case in Unique Luxurious Genuine high quality Leather, now available on Amazon.

Available now on https://ecolo-luca.com

You can see the presentation directly on YouTube


In Dark Blue or Dark Brown.

Available now on ecolo-luca

Or you can view some photos here and some reviews here.



Hi there! Here is my Homepage

All new high-quality products will be added here. For now, I’m working to build an inventory to sell on Amazon.com, on Amazon.ca and on my new e-commerce. I will also present them to you here.


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