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1- John Fiske’s Series

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4- The Path of a Star

5- THE UNDER DOGS With Mme. Storey

6- The Inevitable Millionaires

7- Pigeons from Hell

8- VULMEA  The Pirate

9- WORMS of the EARTH

10- THE DOCTOR WHO HELD HANDS (Mme. Storey Novel)

11- The Story of Edith Percival

12- The Tragedy of the Sioux

13 – The Actress’ Daughter

14- Murder at Monte Carlo

15- Gipsy’s Story

16- The Giant Atom

17- Orchids to Murder

18- Jack Chanty


20- The Almost Perfect Murder

21- The Men of the Last Frontier

22- The Fur Bringers

23- The Deaves Affair



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