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Here are the books by Claire Manning Kindle Edition


The Will of Sam Wilcox




Animal lovers will like this story. The story makes you feel what the main character is living and how strangely enough her life changes on a dime. A lawyer’s will is the cause.

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Project Carbon Copy:

They are amongst us and here to stay (Mystery Suspense International Polar)

What is behind all the UFO sightings? Get the real story behind the headlines. You will
never believe again that we are alone in this universe. This book will give you more information than you want to know and may cause you to have more than a few sleepless nights. Be prepared to be shocked

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The Forbidden Book     TheForbiddenBookFF

This book is a little look into religion and its possible influences on our society throughout
the ages. Is Beelzebub the evil satanic entity you have been lead to believe? Prepare to be surprised at the outcome. You will be VERY surprised.

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The Programmer


This is the story of two school dropout teenagers who choose to become professional hackers. Their journey brings them into contact with a series of adventure that neither one could have ever imagined. They come across a secret which reveals why humanity is in the present situation and find themselves in a position where they can change the future course of the planet. It is thought provoking and exciting. It is a no mislead.

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The Ultimate DNA




A parallel world awaits for you. Find out how you fit in this scenario. The last two human specimens are left on their own device to find their way out. They are pure DNA and someone is after them. Multiverses await for you. A very surprising outcome!


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The horrible fate of our Blue Planet: One possible scenario

One would be inclined to think words like Armageddon, Pharmageddon, Apocalypse and TheHorribleFateOfOurBluePlanetFF
“God’s Wrath» are good words to qualify future dramatic occurrences. But rarely do we hear about plain and strict Hope. Claire Manning has built a short novel which, at first sight, appears to be only fantasy and entertainment, however, it would be a mistake to go on this first impression.

Here is a genuine new writer who has something to say and says it very well. A depressing mood and dark thoughts have become «Orders of the day ” in many of today’s books; Manning uses a highly concise style to express obvious truths while dragging the reader into an eventful journey which could very well become a reality.

Her own moral values are barely disguised and it is quite refreshing indeed to take a fresh new look at the actual world and smile with relief at the outcome. Such a viewpoint is cruelly missing and she is to be thanked for this hopeful glimpse into new possible realities.

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Life Survival Series – The Horrible fate of our Blue Planet

PointOfNoReturnFF             JourneyToNewEarthFF             TheDreamAFF

Point of No Return (Life Survival Book 1)  On Amazon or in the iBookstore

Journey to New Earth: Life Survival   On Amazon or in the iBookstore

The Dream (Life Survival)   On Amazon or in the iBookstore


The Revenge of the Dragon


This is a great story for “children” of all ages, for a mother to read to her children, a grandmother to her grand-children. It contains all the elements of good and evil. Like all children’s stories it contains a hero and a villain and the triumph of good over evil. It is set in the orient which lends a sense of mystery and adventure. It is a beautiful story.


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Is there an App for That?


Here is a book that covers many subjects where the author speaks her mind on each. You will have a good laugh, you may get irritated by what she says but one sure thing, it will not leave you indifferent.

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