Trip at Sainte-Flavie QC

Because I’m not an English person, I will show you some photos of my trip at La Poissonnerie Chouin’Art at Sainte-Flavie, near Rimouski.

Poissonnerie14     Marin13

It was a long run to go there (6-7 hours from Montreal).
I want to show you the Art there.

First of all, the Sea Keepers: 2005. Textured concrete.

It means observation and respect of the marine world. This door shows us a Gaspesian, an Inouit and an Indian, all fishermen, responsible for protecting the resource. Open to the sea, where the man returns to find resources.

GardiensMer1    GardiensMer2


The Stone Ship: 1996. 18 tons of concrete.

It means the man’s trip in this world.
The sculpted fresco shows different incidents of the captain Clément when adventure on the sea. Everyone is the captain of his own life, in spite of many difficulties. But the confidence in our good star will help us, despite winds and tides to arrive at the good port.


Conte3    Conte4

BateauPierre5    BateauPierre6


The Lover’s Chair: 2003, in fibre glass.

It means the communication which comes from lover’s intuition.
His location, in front of the sea, makes it a good place to meditate. At this moment, the heart can open and be closed of beloved beings. The horse with wings is the messenger of our thoughts of our beloved. It goes beyond space and time.

BancAmour8    BancAmour7



The Point’s Walker Woman: 2005. Colored concrete.

It means air and time.
Even if the temperature was bad, she walked on the shore, in front of wind. She knew that her footstep was ephemeral. Her days was allowed for short and want a memory of these precious moments. At each walk, she brings a stone for her 6 km ride and the number of days of life extension. She repeated this ritual 60 times in the last months of her life.

Promeneuse9    Promeneuse10


The White Mermaid. 2004. White concrete.

It means the sound of the waves and the listening of the elements.
The sculpture shows a woman on one side and a fish on the other side. The siren represents the beauty, the attraction and the seduction of the enchanting sea. Fish remembered to us the dangers of sea fishing.
The enchanting beauty of the sea hides a power which can lead a reckless in a perilous situation.


Sirène12     Sirène12b


The cat of the house: Gailla.

It’s time to cut grass.

The beauty of the Saint-Lawrence River.


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It is also at Sainte-Flavie that there is an excellent restaurant with full of concrete art: Le Rassemblement, it is also there.

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